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Engineering, Manufacturing and Assembly  

RPG Industries offers an extensive array of contract manufacturing capabilities. Whether you're looking for a basic component, a complex gage or a complete special machine, we offer a broad range of value-added services to make your products more cost-effective and assure timely delivery and quality. Working with customers from concept to production, our support and design ideas enhance performance, reliability, robustness and ease of manufacturing. Our precision engineering services can help you minimize waste and improve design quality. Here's a partial list of services that we provide in-house to better manufacture and/or assemble your product::

 · Wire EDM
 · Abrasive Water Jet
 · Small Hole EDM
 · CNC Machining
 · Prototype Plastic Injection
 · Precision Grinding
 · Precision Milling
 · Precision Turning
 · Mechanical assembly
 · MIG and TIG welding